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5 apps for creative work

Here are my top 5 apps for making creative work a little more manageable. ☺️⏰ I’ve downloaded so many apps for scheduling and organizing, but these are the ones that I always come back to and use consistently! (Also, they’re all free, which is a bonus!)

1. FlowTimer

This app uses the Pomodoro technique to build breaks into your work sessions. I love the simple, minimalist design and the subtle prompts to take 5 minute breaks after every 20 minutes of work. Even when I don't feel like I need to take a break, I always feel better after stepping away from whatever I'm working on for a little bit - I usually use the 5 minutes to make coffee, refill my water bottle, stretch, or get some fresh air. :) FlowTimer makes it so easy because each timer automatically starts, one after the other, and can be easily paused. Also, it's free!

Taking breaks every 20 minutes might seem like a lot, but it truly improves the quality of my work time so much! I always feel better during and after work when I use this app.

2. Trello

I use Trello to organize projects and task lists. It's so easy to edit and syncs between all of your devices (you can use the iOS app or the website across devices)!

Also, I started using this to keep track of freelance projects, and it's made the whole process so much easier! I create a list for each client and log each step of the process, along with deadlines, feedback, budget, and any materials that go with the project, like color palettes and logos. Trello's list design just really appeals to me and I love it. :)

3. Planoly

I use this app to plan out my Instagram posts! While I don't schedule everything ahead of time, I like to have a general idea of what I'll be posting during the upcoming week. I'm not too strategic about it, so I mostly just like to move photos around until it's pleasing to the eye. :)

This is especially helpful if you're launching a new product and you want to plan out content for your launch!

4. Unfold

Unfold is so handy for creating and planning IG stories! You can do a lot with the free version - honestly, I just use the basic pack to add color backgrounds to photos. The app's design is so user-friendly and easy to use! You can group stories to keep everything organized as well. Also, you can purchase themed packs with different textures and layouts to spice things up. ;)

5. Hours

This app tracks your hours for work - so great for freelance projects, especially if you're still figuring out prices and how much you should charge per project. Having that data to look back on is super eye-opening, and it definitely makes me more aware of how I'm spending my time.

The free version lets you label and tag your time with 5 different categories (you can get a paid subscription for more in-depth categories). Just tap the timer and it'll start recording your hours. You can easily go back and edit your time manually or tap to add blocks of time as well.


Let me know if any of these work for you, too! Hopefully they make your life (and creative work) a little bit easier. :) What are your favorite organizational and time management apps?