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stock up with the complete collection

Save money, stock your brush library, and effortlessly add texture to your illustrations with the Complete Gladdest Brush Collection! This collection includes all of my Procreate brushes: 5 packs and 35 unique, high-quality brushes made with real pencil and paint textures. It also includes my most-used color palette - 30 swatches of fall-toned goodness.

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Complete collection

jelly gouache pack

From creamy, opaque brushstrokes to dynamic washes blended out with water, these brushes are super smooth and packed with gouache paint texture. Inspired by HIMI jelly gouache paints - perfect for IRL painters, Procreate beginners, or experienced Procreate artists!

Jelly gouache

gladdest texture pack

Now updated with new, high-res textures and optimized settings! Effortlessly add texture and dimension to your work with this collection of 12 unique brushes. The brushes are created with real paint, paper, and pencil textures and designed with pressure and tilt sensitivity to make the drawing experience smooth and intuitive.

Texture pack
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sketching essentials pack

A collection of 5 unique brushes, created with real pencil texture! These brushes add authentic scratch and grain to your artwork while still feeling smooth and natural to draw with. Perfect for sketching, lettering, layering, detail work, and more!

gladdest texture (2) pack

Easily add texture to any illustration with these 5 brand-new brushes, created with real pencil and paint textures! Perfect for sketching, lettering, layering, detail work, and more. All of the brushes in this pack are pressure-sensitive as well, to give you more precision and fun dynamics to explore!

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bonus brush pack

A collection of 3 unique Procreate brushes, originally available for a limited time only. Get all 3 bonus brushes from the Gladdest Texture Brush Pack, Jelly Gouache Brush Pack, and Sketching Essentials Brush Pack releases! Perfect for adding fun details and texture.

Bonus Brush Cover.png
Texture 2 pack
Sketching essentials
Bonus brush pack
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